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tv   The Kudlow Report  CNBC  October 4, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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ballots? wow. "the kudlow report" is just moments away. >> well, here's a shocker. moody's may be going to cut the long term rating of hewlett-packard. now, what did we learn about the debate? no matter who won, you don't buy hewlett-packard. politic$. get this. 67.2 million people watched that
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debate last night. it is an amazing number and it is the most since reagan and carter back in 1980. sound familiar? reagan. the market by the way loved it. stocks up 81 points on the dow. call it the romney rally. plus lastly america's brave warriors are being denied the right to vote. this is a terrible story. why is team obama and the pentagon not helping our fighting men and women cast their absentee ballots? we will have that story. the day after mitt romney politely and respectfully cleaned obama's clock president obama tried to quickly turn the page. cnbc's amin javers has more. >> reporter: the day after the debate strategy tells you which campaign this they won last night and which did not win. mitt romney spoke on tv after
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the network newscasts had gone on the air. that forced the tv networks through the day and the evening broadcast this is evening to use pictures from last night's debate again and again. president barack obama, however, had two rallies including one in denver, colorado where he had sort of a chance to do a do-over from last night. take a listen. >> when i got onto the stage, i met this very spirited fellow who claimed to be mitt romney. but it couldn't have been mitt romney, because the real mitt romney has been running around the country for the last year promising $5 trillion in tax cuts that favor the wealthy. the fellow on stage last night said he didn't know anything about that. >> now larry, mitt romney is speaking this evening in virginia. we'll see both candidates in virginia and ohio over the next 24 hours. that will give viewers on television a chance to decide whether that was the real mitt romney last night or it was the real barack obama at the debate, larry. >> all right.
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many thanks, we appreciate it. so mitt romney outhustled, outfacted, outenergized and outinformed president obama. msnbc's chris matthews, an old pal of mine, completely went off the rails. take a listen to this. >> where was obama tonight? romney, i love the split screen. staring at obama. addressing him like the prey. he did it just right. i'm coming at an incumbent. i got to beat him. you got to beat the champ and i'm going to beat him tonight. what was romney doing? he was winning. >> he sure was, chris. he was winning big time. so now that romney is on a roll, where does he run after last night's sweeping win? let's talk. here now is democratic strategist steve mcmahon. and then cnbc contributor geoff jennifer rubin, author of the "washington post" right turn blog. jennifer was it a game changer for the whole presidential race? >> it potentially can be. what has to happen now romney has to build on that day after day. the difficulty they've had, this was true in the primary as well, they have a few good days and
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then they get off message or they fumble the ball a little bit. if they can string together one good day after another they only have to do it 33 more times they can get it done. >> growth, jennifer. growth, tax reform, lower the base, broaden the base, jobs. he had the kudlow script last night. >> he did. what is so telling is that the president is so thrown off balance he's insisting that romney has changed his plan because he wasn't giving the obama talking points. >> well now hold on. >> the democrats have mischaracterized romney's plans up the ying yang. so when he comes forward and tells what his plans are it's a shock. they think he's lying, they think he's changed. >> it was a game changer in this respect. before the debate republicans around the country were wondering if mitt romney was going to take down the whole ticket because his campaign had been so ineffective. after the debate they were convinced he wasn't going to. he definitely had a good evening last night. whether or not it's enough to change the momentum in the race we'll know in the next few days. with respect to the plan all the
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democrats have done ills put a price tag. 20% across the board tax cuts make them permanent. >> that's a lie. what he said it's going to be cost neutral. >> he didn't say that until last night. >> that is just not right. he said it when he rolled it out. he said it in his speeches. >> he hasn't said how he's going to raise any revenue to make up for the losses in the tax revenue. >> since 1986 larry remembers it well. >> lower the rates, broaden the base. by the way he also said that the 17% duck bucket for deductions, that's the most anyone's going to get. the upper end bucket will be even smaller. before we get into this policy thing, look, your boys are going negative now, okay? that is a tipoff they are scared to death that romney was a game changer. obama said it's not the real romney today. they called him deceptive, dishonest, not mitt romney. you can't do that. you're going to lose. having 68 million people seeing mitt romney as good as he can get, now if obama goes negative on him it just sent going to
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work. this is almost the worst thing that you all can do. >> i don't agree. i think what the president is trying to do is draw out his proposals. you put $5 trillion in tax cuts on the table, $2 trillion additional defense spending, additional medicare spending and you say you won't say how you pay for it. it's not honest. >> every one of those numbers heavily disputed. but but but. here's the thing. can you tell me, jennifer rubin, brulant blogger and columnist that you are. >> he's setting me up now. >> es seemed analyst that you are. can you tell me what barack obama's future vision is if he is re-elected? can you tell me from last night's debate what he is going to do? does anybody know? >> i actually thought that was the worst part of the debate. we have 23 million people unemployed, stop looking for work. what does he want to do? he wants to hire 100,000 teachers?
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first of all do we even know if we need 100,000 teachers? it's puny. it isn't big thinking. he wants to raise taxes. even good kinseyans know that's not the way. it's all small ball stuff that. worked for bill clinton because bill clinton had a raring economy so he could worry about school uniforms and talk about small stuff. where is i the president's big plan? >> where's mitt romney's small plan? >> you heard it last night. he has an entitlement reform plan, tax plan, corporate tax plan, energy plan, trade plan. the president doesn't. and i think it really showed. he imagined he was going to get through this race simply by disqualifying romney. they almost did it during the summer. they came this close. >> hold on a second. >> i want to ask you something. the whole debate last night was obama saying no to romney's agenda. we all learned romney's agenda. nobody learned obama's agenda. now he's going back to negativism. this is a huge mistake. let me tell you something else romney did to get reaction.
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your man obama is going to have so much trouble. romney said to 68 million viewers, i can make a deal. i can go across the aisle like i did in massachusetts. in fact he even said about his tax reform plan, if you don't like the specific version let's talk about some other options. but you, mr. president, you couldn't make a deal. you had a deal, you broke the deal with john boehner. that's what the woodward book is all about. in other words, this is something independents love. i say clinton democrats are going to go for romney because romney knows how to make a deal by crossing the aisle and obama can't do it. >> here's where i agree with you. i think the governor of massachusetts showed up last night. not the guy who's been running for president for the last 18 months. he pivoted to the middle for the first time really and he pivoted hard. that was his best. >> was that bad? >> i think it's good for the romney campaign. >> he outfoxed the president. >> is it authentic and genuine is the question an does he have the meat to back it up? he was very specific on what he wants to repeal. he wants to repeal obama care. >> right. >> he wants to repeal cap-and-trade, dodd frank.
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he was very vague on what he wants to do. he didn't have a plan at all as to how he's going to pay for any of it. >> jennifer just told you all the things he said on the debate last night. the whole debate was spent attacking mitt romney's agenda which is a great place to be. all i'm saying is this. here's the democrats dilemma now. the country wants a deal. the country wants to see some common ground before we go bankrupt and before the unemployment rate goes back to 10%. what romney said is, i can do it. and you could see obama's body language. he was petulan it, looking down because he knows he couldn't get it done. that by itself crossing the aisle for common ground. don't have to give up your principles. if you call that moderate fine. i'm telling you it's pragmatic. that's what you've got here, a conservative who's pragmatic. >> democrats thinking those are moderate positions we're closer to a deal than we thought we were. >> that's right. >> now what he dead, and i don't
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think he actually changed any of his policies. i've been following this campaign painfully so at times minute-by-minute for the last year or so. up don't think he changed substantively. what i think he did was use different language and tone. when he began talking about the role of government he talked about caring for people who are less fortunate. >> not scaring. i got to get out. steve we're going to have you back again. love to have you back. jennifer's going to hang around for awhile for the full show tonight. i want to switch gears. this goes to what we were talk about. will mitt romney's performance last evening be enough to swing voters? my next guest was one of chicago's most influential obama supporters back in 2008. in this election cycle she has switched gears to support mitt romney. susan crown now cochair of illinois for romney. she's a member of the national finance team for the romney campaign. all right, susan, welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> what made you switch to the romney camp? >> several things. i became increasingly disillusioned and disappointed,
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and actually pretty angry when obama came out with his 67 borders comments about israel. and i just felt that he wasn't up to the job. >> and i notice -- i read the big story that was about you. you're not happy with the deficit plans, you're not happy with the tax plans. but the thing that really caught my eye because it's the credo of this show. you believe that free market capitalism is the best way to grow the economy. i do too, susan. did that push you toward romney? >> absolutely. i think capitalism is the most efficient genius of american culture. and i feel that the current president doesn't see a problem that a government program can't solve. and i have much more faith in individuals. >> government trickle down. that is what the phrase that romney used. government trickle down zblin deed. >> i thought that was pretty darn clever. steve right here is cringing already about that. but government trickle down, susan. did that turn you off?
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>> yeah. very much so. and i think it's an accurate reflection of the philosophy of this administration. >> all right. how about the debate? we'll give you a few seconds. debate last night? please, not please? give me a quickie. >> i think you said it best, larry, when you said that the president's clock was politely cleaned. it was very -- it was visceral. it was in the room. it was clear that the president wasn't on his a game at all. you could see anytime his body language. you could see it with his eyes. moving down. but mitt was on his a game. >> right. >> this is the guy that i have seen over the past 18 months. i find it to be a very interesting construct, romney's war on women, war on dogs. and today it's the war on the real mitt romney. so i thought it was a very
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intense and very telling contrast. >> all right. susan crown, many thanks for coming on the show. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> good luck in the last month of this campaign. up next on "kudlow" the romney stock market rally. up 81 points on the dow. our market prose ontment implications of last night's presidential debate. a lot of implications if there's a romney victory. later in the the show, america's warriors being denied the right to vote. this is so despicable. and we'll go into it with you. folks, please don't forget what susan crown just said. what mitt romney just said. what i say. free market capitalism is the absolute best path to pros pa prosperity. i'm kudlow. we'll be right back. i don't spend money
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so romney absolutely killed anytime last night's debate, and wall street cheers. today's market rally added 81 points to the dow. romney favored sectors looked like coal. stocks jumped there by 8% on romney's high praise for goal and clean coal technology. so let's talk about the romney market and what it could mean. we have our friend jeff cleintop
7:17 pm
and don lusken. fellows hang on a second. i want you to hear this to weigh in. some sound from my old friend jim rogers on the new's futures now earlier today. i think jimmy misses the romney boat. but here's what he said. >> it doesn't matter, jack, whether it's romney or obama. they're both the same. they don't have a clue what's going on. they caused the problems. these are the guys that got us into this situation. you think going to get us out? >> all right, jimmy is an old pal of mine and a real smart guy but i think he got that whole story wrong. jeff, let us assume, purely hypothetical. not asking you for any partisan things. let us assume mitt romney wins the race. would you have a different investment strategy, would you buy different stocks and groups than if romney lost? >> i think so, larry. today is a great example. coal up a lot. you had the hospitals certainly a group that would do better under obama underperforming today. take a look at some others.
7:18 pm
hmos, big banks likely to do much better under a romney white house and romney led heads of regulatory agencies than for the hospitals, diagnostic labs or home builders. >> because romney would be more pro business on the regulatory front. is that what you're implying? >> exactly. if you look at certainly the big banks have had a real tough time for regulatory perspective. we all know what's happened with health care. clearly those industries would be operating under a very different environment. >> don i'm going to ask you the same question? do you have a different investment strategy and president obama than president romney. >> complete fork in the road. this is a no-brainer. you don't even have to drill down to the sector level. all about the fiscal cliff. if romney is elected president, we're not going to have a short-term fiscal cliff problem because he's not going to veto extending the bush tax cuts. and the republicans aren't going to give him so hard a time hiking the debt ceiling. if obama is elected, he has said over and over he will veto any
7:19 pm
extension of the bush tax cuts that includes extending the tax cuts for the rich. the house, on the other hand, insists on all the tax cuts being extended. if they can't agree, all tax cuts go away. 5% of disposable personal income is ripped from the economy. the republicans take their vengeance by not raising the debt ceiling. we are back in a great recession mid january. which this country can't take. we can't take it. >> we've wasted all our recovery resources four years ago in the last great recession. so it makes all the difference in the world. >> you know, on the other hand, jeff, on the more optimistic view, i think don is making great points that we'll have the less stubborn president and that means we won't have the fiscal cliff. in what other ways? romney said last night, jeff, that he's willing to cross the aisle and find common ground with democrats, people on the other. he said that about tax reform, he said that about health care reform. that has not been the style of president obama. the stock market wants to see some come ditch. it wants to see some deals, jeff. is that just by itself a bullish
7:20 pm
factor in macro terms? >> certainly the market is very dependent upon some compromise, a grand compromise that gets us back on a path of fiscal sustainability. there's no question that will be a more positive outcome for the markets. maybe on the negative side, romney was the one who brought up china a couple of times last night. that wasn't tough talk but certainly u.s. importers, certainly very sensitive to the prices they pay for chinese goods. certainly u.s. exporters like the tech something for which has been hurt. the dollar fell today. i wouldn't say it was one-to-one relation. a lot of of other things going on in the sector today. >> romney has been a china basher. they've both been china bashers but romney has been more vocal at it. what about the banks? want to just get you quickly. romney is against dodd frank. but what he really is against is too big to fail. and he said that at the debate last night. now, does that damage the outlook for some of the new york banks that romney said got kissed by too big to fail? >> i'm not so sure about that.
7:21 pm
i think that if you take a look at how this regulation is, there's a big question mark around it. i think the greater clarity as someone takes a look at this and begins to pull it apart and decide what are the good parts and the bad parts i think even for those big five they'd be better off with that clarity around what the regulatory and legislative environment truly is going forward. so i think it would be a positive. despite the fact that he did single out those too big to fail. >> don, same question. the big five all too big to fail, all gigantic banks. romney is opposed to too big to fail but these stocks did very well today. >> the reason why is because the economy is going to do better if romney is president. so of course banks are going to do better. the reality is, romney's heart is in the right place. he's saying he's against too big to fail as any sensible person ought to be. the reality is, as long as those banks are that big they're too big to fail. and the only way that you're ever going to withdraw the moral hazard, government safety net from those banks is to break them up.
7:22 pm
so if you think mitt romney is going to do that then you and i have a disagreement. his heart's in the right place but he's never going to do that. >> jeff, thank you very much. we appreciate it. don staying for the rest of the show. the center for disease control is trying to contain a killer disease from spreading in the u.s. details up next. here's here's a number to remember. the public debt of the u.s. went up by more than 93 million where. that's up more than all the debt of the federal government between independence day 1776 and october 1942. think of it. we'll be right back. you.
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fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. the cdc is trying to contain a killer strain of meningitis from spreading in the u.s. cnbc's syma moni has the story. >> reporter: that's right, larry. the meningitis outbreak claimed its fifth victim today and the number of cases increased to 35. the fda recalled a contaminated batch of a steroid drug given by final injection for back pain. doctors and hospitals have been warned not to use any product from the specialty pharmacy that made the steroids. the drug was sent to 75 locations in 23 states. in other news, american airlines is grounding all 48 of its boeing 757 aircrafts as they fix the seat lock mechanism that was the cause of the seats that came loose in flight in the past few days. some of those 757s are still in
7:26 pm
the air. they'll be taken out of service when they land. and almost 6 bucks a gal. that's what some southern california, are finding the at the gas pump. that is where the pumps are still operating. some station operators have stopped buying tanker loads because the wholesale price has shot up so much their profits have disappeared. refinery problems have limited supplies. and the secret service has issued new policies on the u.s. of alcohol and social media in the wake of the sex scandal in columbia earlier this year. the "washington post" obtained the new rules which make excessive drinking and frat earnization firing offenses. back to you. >> seema, we appreciate it. mid east turned into a tin der box. rannia iranians are rioting. 70% monthly inflation in iran. we asked is this the beginning of a revolution coming up right after the break. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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welcome back to "the kudlow report." i'm larry kudlow. in this half hour, 67 million people watched mitt romney politely clean president obama's
7:30 pm
clock. that debate had lasted ten more minutes it would have been a tko. but can the liberal mainstream media handle obama taking the hit? plus we're going to talk with a 16-year-old girl who was so humiliated by her teacher for a mitt romney t-shirt she won't go back to school. so far the teacher has not been fired. we are going to go after that story. first up the mid east tinder box simmers tonight. u.s. officials are closely watching three flash points that could have a significant impact on future policy in the region. one, fbi investigators have finally arrived more than three weeks late to investigate the site in libya where terrorists killed our ambassador and three others. two, turkey fired on syrian government targets today following yesterday's deadly attack on a border village. and 3, in iran police continue to crack down on protests amid flairing tensions over the nation's plunging currency.
7:31 pm
so iran is the currency collapse going to lead to a revolution? here now is former deputy assistant secretary of defense the currency is off about 40%. steve hanke of johns hopkins, an old friend, is estimating that the inflation rate per month in iran is now 70%. per month inflation rate. so nobody wants reals, 70% inflation. stocks are -- they can't get rid of the meat on the shelves. is this a revolutionary situation through currencies, money and inflation? >> it certainly could be, larry. even the europeans are talking about doing a little more of this. diplomacy has failed in getting at iran's nuclear program. so economic sanctions are the next step short of military action. but i think there's a possibility here that the regime will feel enough pressure over time if sanctions are increased they may change their course on the nuclear program. but i got to say i'm kind of
7:32 pm
skeptical about that happening. >> don luskin, it is interesting. a currency collapse and inflation explosion. one of the articles today, meat prices a luxury good has gone sky high. there's a stockpile of goods of various other foods. home appliances you can't get them. everybody is hording everything. this is an implosive situation. france a couple of centuries ago. >> what typically happens after a hyperinflation like that is everything collapses and a totalitarian dictator picks up the pieces. oh, wait in iran we already have one. >> so you're talking about germany. >> talking about all the great inflations throughout history. this does not end well. and look, maybe i'm myopic but i got to link this to the presidential situation. everybody knows iran is an event that could influence this election.
7:33 pm
if israel takes this moment to take advantage of iran's weakness, takes this moment to take out their nuclear capability, that's going to put barack obama in -- i think is going to have an opportunity to be amazingly presidential. instead of running for president he can actually be president. what do you know he already is. >> the iranians will never give up their nuclear operation. they'd just as soon get their people starve, aren't kre? >> i think so. they're likely to do something provocative to rally people around the flag. if they can make it look like the international community making everybody pay a price here people may rally behind the regime. so we could see them do something crazy in the persian gulf. close the strait of hormuz. many things they can do. it's tough for us to divide vine the intentions of this regime which is very dangerous. >> would you agree, peter, that this currency collapse and the inflation spiralling really adds a new dimension to the economic part of this. we've all been talking about oil sanctions.
7:34 pm
all of a sudden, if you can't have money to eat that's a real problem. i don't care. where could that go? i'm looking for revolution here. there's too many cases in history where currency collapses and hyperinflation did not cause revolution. this one could be a revolutionary story. >> you got to remember though, larry, that iran's been under sanctions for a long time. and the europeans unfortunately are still trading with them. there's billion dollars of european trade with them. they've cut back on oil. but now if they were willing to be able to cut back on trade with iran that would make a change. what about china? what about russia? other people can go in there. remember this country has been under sanctions for a long time has learned to operate this way. look at north korea, for instance. it's not iran but they've lived under sanctions for a long time. if iran wants the bomb which is a game changer, they may be willing to put up with the troubles that they have at home. >> is the usa heading for a currency collapse because of all the money it's printing? >> well, no.
7:35 pm
not right now. i mean, pretty easy for me to tell you the steps it would take to walk off the end of that pier, though. all that has to happen is the economy has to start recovering finally and the fed doesn't tighten in response. wait wait wait a second. the last fmoc statement. that's exactly what they promised to do. in one word, yes >> yes, we could have a much higher inflation rate here. not out of the question. >> they want it. they promised it. it's preprogrammed. >> we're going to leave it there. peter brooks, thank you very much. don luskin appreciate it. here's a story that's got my patriotic blood boiling. it's a new report by the military protection project. it found that america's warriors are being denied the right to vote. it is an outrage. america's great men and women in the military. let's talk to the copublisher of this report. we welcome kindra rotunda of the military voter protection project. ms. rotunda is a former army jag attorney and a military law pro first at chapman university.
7:36 pm
kendra, welcome. >> thank you. >> what's going on here? are you saying in this that the absentee ballot process which supposedly was improved by law is not working? and so the men and women can't vote? >> it's not working and it's not working because the pentagon simply is not following the law. they're ignoring federal law. they're supposed to have military voter registration on federal bases and they're just not doing it. and it's leading to what we think are going to be record lows in military rovoter turnou by as great as 70% dips in key states like virginia and ohio. >> if i were a cynic, if i were a cynic i would say this is because polls show 60% of military voters vote republican. now, would i be too cynical? >> you know, who knows? but what really matters is it doesn't matter how they vote, it matters that they vote. and this is clearly frustrating their right, their opportunity, to be able to cast a ballot this
7:37 pm
election year. and the pentagon frankly seems not to care very much. the pentagon's response is, well, let's wait until after the election and see how things turn out. and after the election it's simply too late. we've got to make their that service members can cast a ballot. that's why congress gave pentagon marching orders two years ago, now three years ago and the pentagon is just refusing to follow them. >> who at the pentagon gave this order to defy congress and defy our fighting men their sacred right to vote? who's responsible for this? what federal judge can you get to slap an injunction to solve this quick before it's too late? what's being done about this? >> well you know, frankly i think the buck stops with president obama. he's the commander in chief. why isn't he all over this? i was former military. i served as an army major in the jag copps. i know how difficult it is to vote when you're deployed. it's up to the commander in chief to make sure to put the right kind of pressure on the pentagon and ensure the pentagon is following federal law in helping to get those ballots to service members who are deployed. so i think we need it look to
7:38 pm
obama. >> kyndra, there's absentee voting going on right now. the election as you know has already begun. are you getting reports from people in the field from men and women in the military that they can't get their hands on ballots on absentee ballots? are you hearing that? are people writing to you about this? >> what we've done is we've looked at the numbers in individual states to see how many absentee ballots were requested. what we know is that the numbers are at a record low this year when compared to 2008. down by 70% in states like virginia and ohio. and we know that the pentagon knows about the problem and basically they're responding by saying look we're sending out lots of tweets telling soldiers to vote but that's not the answer. they're supposed to have voter registration on military bases. they're supposed to help those service members register for absentee ballots. what we're finding is that they're not doing what they're supposed to do under the law. they're having these voter registration offices in remote places on military bases like
7:39 pm
the back of the chapel or the back of the post library. they need to be following their own check in process and making sure that service members are allowed to update their voter registration information or request an absentee ballot on military base just like civilians are able to do when they go to their local dmv. >> once again, i've got some numbers here. 70%, the military balloting, 70% down in virginia. 70% down in ohio. 46% down in florida. that just happens to be key swing states, kyndra. again -- >> it's appalling. >> military tend to vote about 3/5 for republicans. again am i too cynical about this? it almost sounds like a conspiracy. >> you know, i don't know what the motivation is. but i know that it's the pentagon's job to do their job. and i know that president obama really ought to be stepping up for service members and taking care of soldiers and making sure that they get the right to vote.
7:40 pm
look, if you were going to ask them to come up with a plan to impede military voting, i don't think they could do a better job of it. not helping soldiers get absentee ballots, not doing what they're supposed to do under federal law is definitely impeding military voting. >> good luck, kyndra rotunda. this whole story is an outrage. i wish the best for you. we're going to switch topics. mainstream media's vendetta for mitt romney. or is it against mitt romney? last night mitt romney won the debate hands down witnessed by 67 million people. the romney camp is now reporting they're receiving two donations every second. my next guest, one of america's top pollsters, is going to reveal his latest survey showing just how much the media favors obama in polling. they just can't handle him losing. all that after the break. you're watching "the kudlow report" please stay with us. [ male announcer ] how do you trade?
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7:44 pm
love for president obama? listen to this. >> a new survey of likely voters from veteran -- i thought we had a sound bite. a new survey of likely voters from veteran pollster john mclaughlin shows the media favors obama over romney 43 to 15. let me just repeat that. 1,000 likely voters, 43 to 15. that's what people think they favor obama over romney. so is the mainstream media bias going to stand in the way of a romney surgeon the heels of his stellar debate win? let me go to john mclaughlin. i thought we had some tape of you saying that someplace. here your poll says they're all biassed. what does that mean? i mean, people follow this thing. how can't media stand in the way of it? >> that poll that we did for the american conservative union which you can check on will actually show that 43 to 15 they're saying they're biassed and trying to help re-elect him verse versus 15% think they're
7:45 pm
trying to help romney. romney helped himself last night where you think 130 million people voted in 2008. if the polls stay close we'll get a little more than that but not much. which means that out of all the households in the united states you had almost 2/3 watching the d debate last night. you're going to see a surge in early voting for the republicans dissatisfied with the job that he's doing are going to go in now and vote early. >> jen rubin, having had this near record watching the debate, doesn't that really take the mainstream media out of play? doesn't that kind of cut them off at the knees, reduces their influence? they can rant and rave, the major once at msnbc and my friend chris matthews. so many poo have watched it now what's the difference now? it's wide open. >> i think two examples of that, larry. they heard directly from the horses mouths last night what romney's actual tax plan is. not the tax plan that the mainstream media has been describing, not the 5 trillion
7:46 pm
cuts for the rich. no, his actual plan. obama was so upset he insisted that it was the pretend plan, not the real plan. but the voters get to hear that directly from them. like-wise on the debt reductions, they could hear that barack obama's debt reduction plan is smoke and mirrors. in fact the networks were forced to come out the day after and suddenly say oh, yes, this really is a phony plan. >> i want to get to you but hang on one second. go to our distinguished pollster john mclaughlin. can pollsters sponsored by mainstream media organizations, okay? "wall street journal," nbc, cbs "new york times," abc-"washington post," can they jimmy these polls particularly in battle ground states so they're weighted too heavily for democrats and it looks like romney is getting clobbered in the battle ground? >> absolutely. what they did is, the democrats, david axelrod was caught lobbying them. instead of using voter lists of people they know -- i'm a
7:47 pm
statistician. i got an mba in quantitative statistics. they're going to the phone exchanges, over 300 million and calling them diluting the republican numbers. so in these key states, florida, this 36% republican registration, they have under 30% in the polls. virginia they average about mid 30s for the republicans. again it's in the mid 20s in these polls. and the same thing you're seeing in ohio. ohio they have polling less than 30% republican. we haven't seen it that low since before the civil war. >> all right. >> so it's their sample. >> do you as an investor, do you pay any mind at all to all these polls? >> yeah, sure, you have. to you've got to use every piece of information at your command. >> even though they're being jimmied and the democrat margins are being put up too high and it could create bad decisions. >> if you're an investor you're listening to everything including the show. the truth is gelling out. karl rove has a piece in the "wall street journal" today or yesterday making all the same
7:48 pm
points. sometimes i think my friends in the vast right wing conspiracy are grasping at straws by talk about things like this. but this is the kind of thing that allows you to gradually one little bit at a time counter act this relentless 24 by 7 drum beat for obama in the mainstream media. >> what about in trade? you have to pay to play. it's a word wide betting parlor or worldwide investment power. i've known them for years. obama is losing his lead but he's still got about two-thirds to one-third lead. it was three quarters to one quarter. how much stock do you put in end trade? you got to pay to play. how much stock? >> the the critique is that the people who pay to play are getting their information on which they play from reading the biassed polls. so i think it's more -- but i think it's more than that. i think they take that into account but they take the whole world into account, including the wisdom that we've just heard here tonight. so i'm a believer in the wisdom of crowds, especially when that crowd has its own money at
7:49 pm
stake. i'm a believer in end trade. it's not infallible. no market is infallible. >> i think trade is linked to the polls. i think it does tend to move. may not move in exact quantitative numbers. >> it would be broken if it didn't. >> i follow them all especially john mclaughlin. thank you. we appreciate it. jennifer rubin will stick around and tackle another outrageous story. so much for the city of brotherly love. a philadelphia high school teacher allegedly verbally abused a 16-year-old student just for wearing a mitt romney t-shirt! the girl and her dad are up next. want to improve our schools...
7:50 pm
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welcome back to "the kudlow report." freedom of speech is protected by the first amendment of the constitution, right? somebody better tell that to a teacher in philadelphia who ridiculed a young student for wearing a mitt romney t-shirt in class allegedly saying the t-shirt would be like her wearing a kkk, ku klux klan shirts. this is one of the worst stories. here to explain 16-year-old samantha polisi and her father rich. we reached out to the school for comment. the student was exercising her right of free speech and was not violating any school or district policy." they went on to say "the school snir initiated an investigation to review the conduct of the teacher and that investigation is ongoing." samantha i had to say that in order for fiba. let me ask you. you walked into class, geometry class? you walk in the class with a romney t-shirt and the teacher said to you, take it off?
7:54 pm
what was that like? how did that happen? >> well, it was really embarrassing. and i think she did it because she's against mitt romney. >> so that's basically, in other words, she doesn't like romney, so she wants you and your classmates to not like romney. is that about right? >> yeah, that's right. >> well, what did she do? did she ask you to leave the classroom? >> at first she did. she said leave. and i said no. so she went in the hallway and told everyone i was wearing the shirt. >> let me just ask you on this. you're a young woman. what were you thinking? what were you feeling? did you get angry? did you get worried that something real bad was going to happen? were you worried about your high school, your classmates in the class? what was going through your mind as this was developing? >> i was really nervous. and i was worried that after
7:55 pm
class people were going to come up to me and say stuff to me. >> say something what? >> i was worried that they were going to say stuff to me like about my shirt. >> right. right. all right. let me go to dad. richard, i guess the teacher at one point asked samantha whether her parents were republican or democrat. and then something about the kkk. what are you thinking about this, richard? what's this do to your daughter samantha? samantha's now staying out of school. i don't know how this teacher can't be fired. tell me what you're thinking, sir. >> we were -- my wife and i, we were so angry about this. and we only want for samantha to have a good education and actually go to school and not be bullied by students and also not to be bullied by a teacher. this is totally unacceptable. and we will be following up with the school. >> i mean, when you went in, i take it you went in, you saw the
7:56 pm
principal and the teacher. now, what i heard, you tell me if this is wrong, the teacher suddenly says it was really a joke, even though samantha didn't think it was very funny and nobody else does, either. it was a joke. and then the teacher stormed out of the room? >> yes. actually she said i apologize, samantha. but you should have took this as a joke. you understand that i do joke around. but it really wasn't a sincere apology because she didn't believe that she did anything wrong. i believe that when she left, she didn't believe that she should be punished for this. and she left the room and just left us and the principal just sitting there. >> samantha, what would it take to get you back in school? >> for people to stop threatening me and for the teacher to be fired. >> yeah. teacher to be fired. you know what, samantha? i've never met you.
7:57 pm
but that was the best thing you could have possibly said. i think you're 100% right. i hope you stand up for it. richard, you too. many thanks to samantha and her father richard. jennifer give me a quick take on this. three seconds, five seconds. >> two things. one, everyone is against bullying. the teacher is the bummy. secondly is this teacher's union going to stand behind this woman? >> bingo. that's it for tonight's show. thanks for watching. i'm kudlow. be back tomorrow night.
7:58 pm
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